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CADERP Business Suite applications provide enhanced visibility, insight, and decision making. It helps your organization improve visibility into operations and provide one version of business information for improved decision making. By connecting operations with strategy, your company can create and align plans, budgets, and operational reports across organizations and for all business processes.

CADERP provides improved efficiency across mission-critical processes with extended end-to-end processes, it helps you increase process integrity and increase business and IT efficiency. The applications encourage collaboration within and across company boundaries, so you can use supply chain and sales information from suppliers, distributors, retailers, and customers to improve operations.

CADERP increases flexibility for innovation and expansion. CADERP is service oriented, that means you can innovate and add functionality to the software as needed. You can compose and design new processes, implement individual applications according to budget and scope, and integrate non-CADERP solutions that address niche needs.

We have proven comprehensive support for a long-term competitive edge. – CAD Consulting is committed to continually enhancing the applications in CADERP Business Suite so that they remain the ideal choices for maintaining competitive agility, and attaining operational excellence for large and midsize organizations.

Financial Accounting

Accounts Receivables, Payables, General Ledger, Banking Services, Fixed Asset Management, Budgeting, Costing

Inventory/Point of Sales

Item Definition, Kit Management, Stock Transfer, Requisition, Approval, Issue, Returns, Adjustment, Purchases, Sales Order, Invoicing, Payment, Waybill, Barcode Scanner enabled and POS Output, Integrated with Financial Accounting

Haulage System

Routes and Journeys management, Trucks, Maintenance/Servicing, Equipment Management, Drivers, Insurance, Properties, Particulars

Farm Management

Animal Profile Management, Treatment, Mating, Birth Records, Pedigree, Feed Formulation, Farm Register, Cage Management, Egg Production, Egg Incubation Management, Brooding Records, Crop Production, Lifetime Photo Story, Complete Financial Accounting

Hotel Management

Reservations, Bar, Restaurant, Kitchen Stores, Laundry Services, Online Reservations, Call Tracking, Smart Card Access Control, Complete Financial Accounting

Church/Membership Management

Members Profile Management, ID Card Generation, SMS/Email Messaging, CRM, Quick Search, Contributions

Call Accounting

Call Record Capture, Call Analysis, PBX Machine interface Management, Interface to Financial Accounting Ledgers

Human Resource System

Employee master data management, Employment, Training, SMS/Email Messaging, CRM, Attendance, ID Cards, Loans, Pay package, Tax Management, Pension/PFA, Reports and analysis.

School Management

Student Profile Management, Score Entry, Exams and Records, online result checker, Question Bank, Exam Engine, ID Card Management, Psychomotor, SMS/Email Messaging, Inventory/Point-of-Sales, Bulk Invoicing, Timetable Management, Complete Financial Accounting

Distribution Management

Operational Audit, Journey List/Calls Management, Supply Chain, Sales, Inventory Management, Point-of-Sales, Empties Management

Hospital Management

Patient Profile management, Medical Records, Front Office Reception, Inpatient Management, Out Patient Management, Pharmacy, Inventory/Point-of-Sales, Prescription, Mobile App, Lab, Vaccination, Complete Financial Accounting

Manufacturing System

Manufacturing Templates, Recipe Management, Raw Material Management, Production Formula, Bill of quantities, Manufacturing Accounts, Suppliers.

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