CAD Consulting

The Digital Farm Concept

Simply put, this is the use of computer software application and hardware to attain high level of productivity, performance, quality and accountability. I have a conviction that every living thing is a running program just like a computer software program. If you study animals, plants and even human beings closely, you will agree with me that every one of these entities pass through various stages and phases during which some life events occur.

From birth to death, plants and animals go through life processes which is synchronized with time or you can call it age. Certain changes occurred in both plants and animals at certain time and similar things occur in plant and animals of the same species. Reaction to external stimulus or environmental conditions is also similar in species that are alike.

Computer programs are designed to work in the same way. There is lots of instruction or codes written to make some events happen when a user makes a request for something within the ecosystem of an application.

Animals and plants require food and water to provide their body system with nutrients required to grow. The body processes converts the food and the nutrients are absorbed by the body. This leads to growth, and healthy growth is directly links to healthy leaving and balanced diet. The waste from the processing is extracted from the body in many forms. The waste is toxic to the body and it could be another raw material for another process to start.

Software programmes are designed to capture data from the user through user interfaces. The data comes in different forms and formats. The input screen filters away invalid data. The entry that is accepted by the system is then processed internally. The result is rendered as report in form of text or graphics.

I believe you can clearly see that animals, plants and computer software have lots in common. The primary common factor is that they all have input, processing and output.

Animals and plants are running programs design by God the almighty. This is our mind-set at CAD Digital Farm and we have been able to bring this believe to reality with our farm management software application called Lifetime.

Our goals are:

  • To develop innovative Information and Communication Technology based products which will enable all the stakeholders in agricultural sector to enhance their core business processes, improve management practices and increase profits within limited resources.
  • To impart agricultural and agro-related business skills to young people to become self-employed professionals with little start-up capital
  • Our mission is to empower farmers at all levels to have complete control over their farms through the use of Automated Equipment and our Farm Management Software called "LifeTimeTM”. We have a goal to become a global leader in this domain and make our products and solutions available across the globe.
Our research into sustainability of agro businesses has led us to develop practical technology-based solutions that is affordable and available to farmers at all levels.