CAD Consulting

Start Ups



ICE Hub by Softtellect Limited is a start-up of CAD Consulting Limited with the mandate of identifying great ideas and helping individuals develop technology-enabled business using northern technology adapted for our local communities and scalable to the global community. ICEHub started in 2005 by first providing free entrepreneurship and skills training to members and exposing them to how ICT can help to boost their productivity. ICEHub has evolved over the years as a technology incubator producing great start-ups. ICEHub has been fund all the way by CAD Consulting Limited, a software research and development company.

Digital Farm

Digital Farm by CAD Digital Farm Limited, is an ICEHub start-up that focusses on developing innovative ICT products and solutions for farmers which will enable all the stakeholders in agricultural sector to enhance their core business processes, improve management practices and increase profits. The products from this start-up include Smart Incubator, Smart Poultry equipment’s, Farm Management Software, Quail egg and meet, rabbit. All farm operations are automated for total quality management. The primary objective of the Digital Farm approach is to make farmers realize that they are entrepreneurs and as such run their farms as a profitable business venture.


GrayParrot by Teqqii Limited is a digital media company. GrayParrot is an IoT-based device for managing digital advertisement in multiple screens at different locations. The primary objective if GrayParrot is to make digital advertisement affordable for SMEs.


ISWAG by Iswag Integrated Innovations Limited is a social medial company. The primary objective of ISWAG is to connect local communities together in a new and more innovative ways. ISWAG is SME focused and promoted the Sustainable Development Goals.

Coinage Trust

E-akawo by Coinage Trust Limited is a Scratch card solution for making contribution and saving it into the bank using any type of mobile phone. The primary objectives is to encourage Savings and to bank the unbanked.


Business Sensor

Businesssensor by a complete financial accounting system for small to medium size enterprises.


CADERP is an Enterprise Resource Planning system ERP that implements 27 business streams including; distribution management solution, Call Accounting, School Management, Financial Accounting, Hospital Management, Material Management, Manufacturing, Farm management, Property management, Hotel Management just to mention a few.

Trade Figure

This is a portable IoT-based small business management point-of-sales system.


Orango by Idea Infusion is a smart orange making machine without the use of electricity from raw orange to bottled fresh orange with a mobile app for sales management.


Shield Academy Partners

Shield Academy Partners Is an off-shoot of SHIELD Academy Group LLC - a US based international entrepreneurship and leadership development organization - is the Implementing Agency of the CBN's South-South Entrepreneurship Development Centre in Calabar, Cross Rivers State with administrative office in Lagos. The Company comprises of three entities: SHIELD Academy Limited, Pendaxia Limited and CAD Consulting Limited; with the aim of delivering the first of its kind entrepreneurship training in Nigeria in partnership with the country's apex financial institution.

Development 2

Development II is a firm specialized in Entrepreneurship Development, Leadership Development and Training, Growth Strategies and Consultancy Services for Small and Medium Scale Businesses. Development II is the implementing agency for the North-West Entrepreneurship Development Centre hosted in Kano. The primary objective of SAPL is to create an enabling ecosystem for SME to thrive.